Basking sharks

Sailing with Sea Monsters

Life-changing experiences only come into focus in hindsight in my experience. While they’re happening, their implication is often lost in the noise of the moment, especially if you’re only 11-years old. Which was my age when I first encountered the huge creature that would change the direction of my life—the basking shark. At the time I kept a tiny dinghy in the local fishermen’s cove of the South Devon town that I lived in, and […]

New Book: A Sea Monster’s Tale

In March 2017, Colin Speedie’s new book will be published by Wild Nature Press. The book is a journey amidst wild seas, places, people and conservation history in the battle of hunting and protection of the iconic Basking Shark. Colin will be attending book talks and events to share the adventures of both the hunters and the researchers seeking to find and latterly help protect the shark in our waters. Follow us on Facebook to […]

Basking shark surveys in the Hebrides

Every year we conduct two weeks of basking shark transect surveys in the Sea of the Hebrides and the Minch on the west coast of Scotland – this not only allows us to monitoring the hotspot sites we identified during our previous long-term survey, but also explore for new sites. If the weather is good, this is the most wonderful place on earth. Fortunately we have been blessed with excellent conditions for the last three years. […]

Keep a lookout for ‘tags’

As you walk along the beach or maybe even go out on the water during these last precious weeks of summer, keep an eye out for any tags that could have come off a tagged marine animal, or might even still be attached to one. There are several research projects around the UK and Ireland who have deployed tags on basking sharks this summer, in an attempt to better understand their distribution and characteristics. These […]