Journalism / photography

Colin never stops writing...Colin writes extensively for the Attainable Adventure Cruising (AAC) website as their European Correspondent. He writes on a wide variety of technical aspects related to getting the best from your boat, and also travelogue and retrospective pieces. AAC now offers access to collections of themed articles as e-Books through membership.

Colin has written for a variety of UK-based magazines, and his photographs are regularly requested by editors and authors to either supplement his own work, or as standalone images.

S/V Pelerin heading south to the Equator

We can provide articles for newspapers & magazines, edit technical reports, develop educational brochures, and write on any one of a wide range of issues. We are available for freelance writing or editing work – get in touch to discuss.

Wave Action has a large portfolio of photographs covering a wide variety of topics, including marine and terrestrial wildlife, people, industrial development, marine conservation and travel. We have supplied images to a diverse range of organisations wishing to use in articles, brochures and educational materials, either for print and digital media. 

Today’s view from ‘the floating office’ – Bahamas