Journalism / photography


Colin never stops writing...

Colin never stops writing…

When it comes to writing about sailing and yachts, the majority of Colin’s work can be found on the Attainable Adventure Cruising (AAC) website Colin is AAC’s European Correspondent and writes not only on a wide variety of technical aspects related to getting the best from your boat, but also travelogue and retrospective pieces. AAC now offers access to collections of themed articles as e-Books through membership.

Colin has also written for a variety of UK-based magazines, and his photographs are regularly requested by editors and authors to either supplement his own work, or as standalone images.

Lou’s writing is particularly focused on the journey made whilst living and sailing aboard the boat Pelerin, and she writes the majority of pieces for the Wave Action Blogger site. During our Transatlantic passage Dec-12/Jan-13 she posted to a web photo-journal during the passage, available here (scroll down below the map).

We also write blog articles and occasional features for our Roving Gazette page.

We are available for freelance writing or editing work, simply get in touch to discuss. We can provide articles for newspapers & magazines, edit technical reports, develop educational brochures, and write on any one of a wide range of issues.

Photography & Film

Wave Action has a large portfolio of photographs covering a wide variety of topics, including marine and terrestrial wildlife, people, industrial development, marine conservation and travel. For a sample of our work, take a look at our on-line portfolio.

If you would like to commission us for some specialist or custom image provision, or enquire about our existing portfolio, please get in touch. We have supplied images to a diverse range of organisations wishing to use in articles, brochures and educational materials, either for print and digital media. The majority of our images & film were captured in RAW and/or High Definition format.

A sample of our film-making is available on our WiSe Scheme website, as a short educational film made available to the public via free DVD. We have been commissioned to provide short films on several different aspects of the natural world, and specifically, marine wildlife.