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Roving Gazette

Sailing with Sea Monsters

Life-changing experiences only come into focus in hindsight in my experience. While they’re happening, their implication is often lost in the noise of the moment, especially if you’re only 11-years old. Which was my age when I first encountered the

New Book: A Sea Monster’s Tale

In March 2017, Colin Speedie’s new book will be published by Wild Nature Press. The book is a journey amidst wild seas, places, people and conservation history in the battle of hunting and protection of the iconic Basking Shark. Colin

Wave Action & The Golden Globe Race 2018

We live in a high-tech world that sometimes seems to leave the human element behind in the endless dash for speed. And, as a result, perhaps we don’t see what is going wrong with our planet as we fly heedlessly

Basking shark surveys in the Hebrides

Every year we conduct two weeks of basking shark transect surveys in the Sea of the Hebrides and the Minch on the west coast of Scotland – this not only allows us to monitoring the hotspot sites we identified during

National Whale & Dolphin Watch, UK

This year, for the 13th annual National Whale and Dolphin Watch (NWDW), the WiSe Scheme will be joining forces with the Sea Watch Foundation and inviting members of the public to participate in cetacean surveys around the UK from the 26th July

Surveying for sea-birds, West Indies

Working on research vessels doing long-distance surveys for sharks, whales and dolphins means that you spend a lot of your time observing and recording. In turn, this suggests to ‘amateur’ onlookers that you’re some kind of magician, with a sixth

Citizen science for sailors: phytoplankton

The 21st February saw the first anniversary of the launch of the Secchi Disk study and the Secchi App project, the global Citizen Study by Seafarers to study the marine phytoplankton. The Ocean Cruising Club were one of the first

Where have all the songbirds gone?

(photo credit: Andreas Trepte (www.photo-natur.de) It’s often said that you never miss something until it’s gone. Living as we do outside this country for most of each year, we’re in something of a unique position to comment on that. Each