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Citizen science for sailors: phytoplankton

The 21st February saw the first anniversary of the launch of the Secchi Disk study and the Secchi App project, the global Citizen Study by Seafarers to study the marine phytoplankton. The Ocean Cruising Club were one of the first

CommonBlackbird - Credit: Andreas Trepte www.photo-natur.de

Where have all the songbirds gone?

(photo credit: Andreas Trepte (www.photo-natur.de) It’s often said that you never miss something until it’s gone. Living as we do outside this country for most of each year, we’re in something of a unique position to comment on that. Each

Bottlenose dolphins at play (this image taken in Tobermory harbour in 2009)

Wildlife disturbance can be a crime

We were all shocked to hear of the incident (link to BBC article) at Padstow in the UK’s River Camel estuary in July 2013, where numerous boats were interacting with a pod of bottlenose dolphins repeatedly for several hours. This

1-Tagged shark crop

Keep a lookout for ‘tags’

As you walk along the beach or maybe even go out on the water during these last precious weeks of summer, keep an eye out for any tags that could have come off a tagged marine animal, or might even

1-IMG_0048 (2)

2013 Basking Shark survey results

So what did we see during this summers surveys? 9 sharks, 12 whales, 300+ dolphins, 200+ porpoise. That’s quite a tally of wildlife observed whilst performing our two weeks of basking shark transect surveys in the Inner and Outer Hebrides.

Survey planning with the crew - July 2012

Forthcoming basking shark survey 2013

We’re coming up to the start of our third year of basking shark surveys in the western isles of Scotland later in July, and we’re really looking forward to it. The first two years went well, and we more than


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Google map of our journey aboard S/Y Pelerin

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