The Golden Globe Race 2018

GoldenGlobeLogoWe live in a high-tech world that sometimes seems to leave the human element behind in the endless dash for speed. And, as a result, perhaps we don’t see what is going wrong with our planet as we fly heedlessly by…. But something is stirring out there, and the joy of being part of something real and at a human scale is winning round more and more people. Even in the field of yacht racing, adventurous people are slowing down and returning to the simple challenges that motivated so many of us in our formative years.

Enter the new Golden Globe Race, a ‘retro’ yacht race to be held in 2018, the fiftieth anniversary of the original race, in which there was only one finisher out of nine entrants, the great Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. This is the toughest of all races, and Wave Action will be there, with Colin Speedie acting as Team Manager for Italian entrant Fabrizio Ladi Bucciolini. And the appeal is not just to help to return ocean racing to its most basic default settings, but to raise money for marine conservation globally.

READ MORE in Colin’s article on Attainable Adventure Cruising, and join us on a truly great, slow, adventure.