Yacht consultancy

A Boreal 47 at anchor

Colin Speedie has a lifetime of experience in the building and modification of yachts for commercial and ocean-going exploration to remote places. Clients take advantage of his knowledge to specifically select and create appropriate yachts for high latitude or world-cruise sailing, from the choice of construction material to the selection of equipment.

Colin is currently working with a number of owners on new-build yachts, the first of which was launched in May 2013. These have been primarily in conjunction with Boreal yachts in Treguier, France, builders of an award-winning range of aluminium expedition yachts – but he is of course happy to work with the builder of your choice. 

Having an encyclopaedic knowledge of yachts and their construction, Colin also offers a consultancy service for pre-owned boats, to help clients narrow down the field of potential craft or individual boats to best suit their requirements.

A few testimonials from existing clients are included below.

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” Not having had prepared a vessel for off-shore sailing before, I was very grateful for the assistance. Could I have done this without Colin? Probably, but it would have taken me months of research and most likely with numerous errors.
Our boat, Beyond the Blue, was launched February 19, 2019 and my wife and I flew over in early May to take possession and move aboard. Colin met us a few days later to help us check and prepare the the boat, for off-shore sailing and took us out on three separate days to check the sails and rigging.
Colin worked tirelessly every day and his expertise in what is required was incredibly valuable. As a member of the Blue Water Cruising Association, an association that helps owners prepare for blue water sailing, I had heard many members state that it took them a year or more to prepare their boats. Colin prepared our boat in 7 days, 3 of which we were sailing. The man worked diligently and efficiently. I would not have been able to do what he did and his expertise is so respected by Boréal that they do not even question his input to them of parts missing, items not installed correctly or even his suggestions to make things more functional.
By the time Colin departed, our boat was ready to go. A professional in every aspect, Colin’s knowledge of the Boréal, his hard work and instruction were second to none. His care and diligence is borne on the knowledge that a mistake could cost us our lives, and he takes that very seriously. Both my wife and I are very thankful we hired him and not only enjoyed working with him but enjoyed developing a friendship that we look forward to hereon in. “

David Zaharik
S/V Beyond The Blue, a Boréal 47

” Colin’s help during the build and testing phases for our new Boreal 47 was invaluable for us.  Having never overseen a new yacht build (let alone an aluminum one), his experience, knowledge and candor guided us toward a “setup” that suited us (not someone else).  Sounds easy but it’s not. 
The process went so well that we asked Colin to spend a separate week onboard just sailing with us so we could get to know the boat better.  Colin’s professionalism and kindness meant a lot to us and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering a similar project. “

Terry & Leslie Pimentel,
S/V Inuksuk, a Boréal 47
A Boreal-44 taking shape in the factory

” Working with Colin was extremely helpful and his advice paid for itself over and over again in catching issues and problems before they got serious. Best of all, his advice is level headed and truly salty.
Our boat and subsequent experiences (now 15,000 nm and counting) is significantly improved because of his efforts on our behalf. ”   

Another happy Boréal 47 owner!

” In 2013 I was looking for substantial boat to be used in both mid and high latitudes as a liveaboard and for conservation projects in the Philippines.  I managed to get in touch with Colin via the renowned website and resource, Attainable Adventure Cruising, on which he European correspondent.  On paper his experience was vast but then so is that of almost every surveyor / marine consultant.  I commissioned Colin to spend 4-5 hours doing an appraisal on a very complex yacht in Falmouth, England. Over the next 6 months I had two surveyors, a marine electrician, an engineer and yard manager appraise the boat.

All I can say is that the service I received from Colin far surpassed the combined effort of the other professionals.  I am yet to find anyone as technically knowledgeable on all aspects of sailing yachts, especially those designed for high latitudes. ”

Tim Good – Chairman, Matthew Good Foundation, Director, John Good Shipping,
S/V Shadowfax, a Seastream 43